7 Shortcomings of DisplayTag
Here, I need to share my utilizing experience of displayTag. It is an open source suite of custom labels, which is for the most part used to show information.

The elements of displayTag are rich, for example, information show, mix with css, extraction and show of information subset, programmed age of hyperlink and arrangement number, page break, gathering, bunch synopsis, information send out, subreport, multi-report show, report head and base, unique section, information prewarning, condition outline, and so on.

Being used procedure, I discover some brevity of displayTag:

1. The reports created by displayTag for the most part include some customary principles, and it can not make reports with consolidating cells, multi-layer report head, or left report head.

2. It is difficult to make complex reports, for instance, multi-source subdivision report.

3. In spite of the fact that it has an extraordinary mix with css in show, it can not have any significant bearing the style of css to sent out Excel/Word/PDF records. Therefore, in the event that you need to trade distortionless Excel/Word/PDF documents, you need to compose three specific showcase classes for every sort.

4. For page break, its memory impression is huge, while the presentation is poor. That is on the grounds that it brings all the records one after another, and afterward shows them in pages. In addition, the style of foundation information stockpiling is one record one item.

5. For displayTag doesn't include print work, You need to utilize the print capacity of page. On the off chance that you need an exact print, you need to build up the capacity without anyone else, and you can not utilize displayTag at that point.

6. As displayTag can not freeze report head, when there are an extraordinary number of records, you can not fix the report head and peruse with the parchment bar.

7. For rundown, displayTag can't do activities cross column gatherings, and it can just acknowledge simple gathering outline, worldwide synopsis, and a piece of condition outline.

To summarize, the capacities which displayTag has acknowledged are stunning, and as a showcase bundle, it is easy to utilize. Be that as it may, it isn't appropriate to make down to earth reports with complex styles and different necessities.


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