Why Is Quitting Smoking So Hard?

by - April 04, 2011

There are a variety of reasons why quitting smoking is so hard. These reasons can be broken into medical reasons, psychological reasons and practical reasons. In one way or the other these reasons may overlap. However in order to understand a variety of reasons why people fail to stop smoking it is worthwhile to categorize them in this manner.
Due to these reasons many people spend almost their whole life attempting to quit smoking but still finding it extremely hard. A simple grasp of some of these reasons may in itself change the entire game plan turning failures into surprising successes.

Medical Reasons
Medical reasons that explain the difficulty of quitting smoking are embedded in the biological work of nicotine in tobacco. by way of background what causes tobacco to be addictive is the interaction between nicotine and a smoker's brain. Nicotine alters the brain receptors leading to total dependency. Any attempt to stop smoking will lead to severe withdrawal symptoms a form of protest from the brain using your body. Nicotine addiction is therefore the strongest and most important reason why quitting tobacco smoking is so hard. The backlash can be so severe that many people become so gripped with fear to ever try again condemning themselves to a life of cigarettes.

Psychological Reasons
There is yet another side of the story to the difficult associated with stopping cigarettes. Some people are gripped with the fear of the unknown. This makes it difficult to quit. Often this is also fed by the general knowledge that quitting is hard making a lot of people failures whilst they still have cigarettes on their mouths. This means the battle has to be worn in the brain if one is to quit for good.

Doctors often advise that quitting smoking is also a matter of the willingness to do so. Just deciding to quit without the needed accompanying will-power will go so far. The individual making a decision to quit will need to be fully mentally prepared for what follows. This is why counseling and quit smoking programs produce better results in patients than those who go alone.

Practical Reasons
Practical reasons why stopping smoking is hard are found in the practical steps one needs in order to succeed. For example, most people decide to quit smoking yet they continue hanging out with people who smoke. They expose themselves to what are known as triggers. they easily find themselves triggered into smoking relapse.

Other practical reasons include the methods people choose to help them stop smoking. people who quit cold turkey almost always fail compared to people who use medications such as nicotine replacement products. All these are a matter of choice. What is it that you choose as your way to stop smoking. Of all the three reasons the most difficult to deal with is the medical reasons followed by the psychological reasons.

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