How to Select the Best Children's Bed For Your Child's Bedroom By Amber Lipson Platinum Quality Author

by - March 02, 2009

Have you finally (perhaps reluctantly) decided that it's time to move your child out of their crib and onto the next level? Even though you lovingly selected your child's crib and nursery bedding with the utmost care, it may be time to realize that your baby is growing and her bed needs to grow with her. But, don't despair, there are beautiful youth beds and bedding available and now you get to put the same devotion into choosing her big girl bed that you did for her nursery! Here is what you need to know as you shop for your child's 'big kid' bed:

There are basically two styles of youth beds to choose from - toddler beds and twin beds.

Toddler Beds - Toddler beds are low to the floor and sized somewhere in between a twin bed and a crib. They are not only the right size for a toddler or young child, but they also come in a wide variety of designs that will almost guarantee that you'll find just what you're looking for. Toddler beds have become incredibly popular over that past couple years, which has made them incredibly easy to find and at very reasonable prices. Toddler beds can be great for a while, but will have to be replaced as the child grows. This style of youth bed can be found in sturdy wood or metal designs that will last through multiple children and many years.

Twin Beds - Twin beds can be a great choice, but can be a big jump right out of a crib. Most people are familiar with the basics of a twin bed, but thanks to the overwhelming demand, there have been a number of new and innovative designs put on the market in recent years. You can find everything from a traditional slat poster or sleigh style bed, to a whimsical, colorful masterpiece that your child is sure to love. Loft beds, bunk beds, and captain's beds are just a few of the other styles you can choose from. Many of them offer such things as: trundles for your overnight guests, extra storage space for your never-ending supply of clothes and toys, or guard rails to prevent children from falling off during the night.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for a something to match your already existing décor, or one that can be a jumping off point for an entire over-haul, there's something out there that's perfect for you. Keep in mind that shopping for a complete child's bedroom collection that includes a youth bed as well as matching dresser, desk or night table is a way to ensure your child's bedroom décor is coordinated and pleasing. This can save you countless hours of searching for matching pieces elsewhere. Whatever you choose, a youth bed can be a fantastic way to help your little one make a smooth transition from his or her crib to a big-kid bed of their very own. is the leading online shop for childrens' furniture, kids art and bedroom décor, offering the largest selection of high-quality childrens' bedroom products. Find everything you need to create a beautiful bedroom for your child at

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